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  •  1/ 2 kg (1/b.) coarsly minced meat  (mutton or beef)
  •  1-2 onions
  •  1 kg  (2 lb..) ripe red tomatoes
  •  Allspice
  •  Cinnamon
  •  Salt & black pepper to taste




Qallayat Bandora
Qallayet bandora (minced beef with tomatoes) is a delicious Arabic apitiser or small main course, made with ripe tomatoes amd cinnamon, and is a common apitizer throughout the Middle East



Adnan's Kitchen
Qallayat Tomatoes



  1. Place tomatoes in a bowl
  2. Boil water and pour it on tomatoes and let sit covered  for 5 minutes until ready to be peeled, then peel and remove seeds
  3. Chop and fry the onion then add the meat and fry together adding salt pepper and the rest of the spices until almost done
  4. Add peeled tomatoes to the meat and let simmer until done
Serve with rice or freek (see rice or freek recipe)